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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  July 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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five witnesses but these are the people who have been displaced by the fires. we're told at least 60 people have been displaced by this morning's fire this morning eyewitnesses tell me they believe it was a young couple who lived in an apartment. what fire crews have confirmed is that the call came around 330 this morning. they found two people in the unit of origin, what the fire captain bob marshall told me this morning. 60 people have been displaced and they're not sure if the smoke alarms went off but one of the eyewitnesses says he was woken up by his smoke alarm when he came out. crews say the flames had to at least have been burning for about 30 minutes before they got here on the scene. they're going to investigate why they were burning for so long before they got the call. they say there is extensive
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damage and there is a stairway that is not possible at this point. alas we checked, the bodies are still in the apartment because of the extensive structural damage that has happened. coming up we will hear from the public affirmation officer who give us more information on what happened and what is to come later on in the day. >> oakland firefighters are cleaning up after a fire at a vacant house in east oakland. neighbors reported smelling smoke just after 2:00 this morning. the home's owner and neighbors reported past incidents of squatters at that house. no one was injured and the damage is estimated at about $150,000. president obama is wrapping up another lucrative visit to california >> the president spent part of his day raising money in the
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east bay. he made stops at the scottish rite centered near lake merritt. another at the home of a real- estate investor and then off to a rally at the fox theater. lisa washington is at sfo awaiting the president's arrival. she joins us now with more >> in about four hours, the president is scheduled to leave sfo at 10:00 this morning to head to portland oregon to continue campaigning after fund- raisers in the east bay. he returned to the bay area monday afternoon after a trip to reno nevada. he arrived at the oakland airport and headed to the first of three fund-raisers in the east bay. he met with technology leaders that the scottish rite center and made a stop at the home of a real-estate investor wayne jordan. his last event of the evening was the rally at the fox theater in oakland where he told the
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crowd about how much his opponent mitt romney will spend and he asked for their support >> we have been outspent before. we have been counted out more times than i can remember. but through every one of my campaigns, what has always given me hope is you. >> the president has collected a lot of money in california. the federal election commission report said that in this cycle the president has raised $33 million in california in just the first half of this year. we know receive $2 million more at the fund-raiser that was held at that private home. not everyone welcomed mr. obama to the east bay. there were several protesters in the area. they set fire to one of the welcome obama signs and even burned an american flag.
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three protesters were arrested. the president encouraged his supporters to make sure the vote in november and to encourage others to do so. >> despite the dollars raise, the president did not pay the bay bridge toll and nor did anyone in his motorcade. at $4 per car they're out $38 but i think they will let slide. today mitt romney will address veterans of foreign wars. he hosted a small business roundtable in costa mesa yesterday. he will be leaving on may 3rd country trip to the u.k., israel, and poland. >> it is time to talk about the weather.
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>> we do not have very much wind up here but we do have an onshore flow. we see delays at sfo up to one- and-a-half hours on arriving flights. mild temperatures running in the 50s across the board and starting to warm up later today. slightly below average, as much as six degrees below average in concord. it should be about 80 degrees in san jose. we have they heat up on the rise in and we will talk more about that >> we get reports of delays for muni and caltrans, the j line is blocked at san jose and ocean due to a non muni accident. they're switching back and outbound to inbound at glen park station.
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also, northbound train no. 34 cal train is running 13 minutes late. art and a's are right on time. traffic looking pretty good headed towards the bay bridge toll plaza. no major delays and most of the east bay travel times look pretty good. southbound is a nice ride all the way into a word. we see extra volume but still very light, seven minutes between 8008101. >> this morning, investigators in colorado are going back to the movie theater where a gunman killed 12 people. it will be looking for any evidence to help defend their client >> first-degree murder which is class one felony under colorado law >> he appeared in colorado yesterday for a preliminary hearing.
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he is now being held in solitary confinement, accused of shooting dozens of people and killing 12 >> their hearts go out to the victims and their families. >> to feel the pain which is going on in there really makes you a little bit more angry about this man who decided to take everyone's lives >> the d.a. says she will talk to victims' families to get their input on whether to seek the death penalty. james holmes attended elementary school in castro valley and central california. he was known as ginnie. a former friend says he would always compete with other friends to be the best student but basically got along with everybody >> one of the shooting victims could need up to $2 million to cover medical care. money is being raised for a man who was shot in the eye. he has no health insurance and
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remains in an induced coma. his wife is about to give birth to their first child. >> we talked to him because we know he can hear us and we tell him he needs to get better because he needs to be a father. >> he is a strong guy and i'm not used to him like that. i don't ever want to see him like that again >> so far, friends of raised more than $50,000. you can find continuing coverage on our website. >> the colorado movie massacre has prompted jitters among other moviegoers. three men accused of making thread during or after watching the new batman movie have been arrested in separate incidents. a 52 year-old suspect is accused of making threats when the film started late sunday afternoon. a witness says the man shouted something about colorado and ask
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anyone if he had a gun. in the wake of the shootings, mayor ed lee says he is determined to and for some kind of a stop and frisk program. critics are concerned about the potential for racial profiling. the board of supervisors passed a unanimous resolution against that idea last week >> a man who police say had a hand in killing his father and two sons is set to be arranged. he was extradited from north carolina earlier this month accused of having a role in murdering three members of the bologna family in a mistaken gang shooting. a fellow gang member has already been convicted. the man accused of beating giants fan brian stowe go to court this morning. pre-trial motions will be heard
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in the case involving luis sanchez and marvin nor would charged with the attack in march of last year. >> one day after dropping to hammer on penn state, the n.c.a.a. president explains why the school was punished so severely. >> when you have a sports program that has cast those values aside for values of hero worship were winning at all costs, you have completely lost track of what is going on. we're trying to force everyone to look at why we play these games in keeping values and the right perspective >> you can catch the full interview at 7:00 this morning on cbs this morning. >> hunting for clues in the disappearance of amelia earhart.
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[ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> is a cross-country tour to give back to our loyal fans, the cbs buzz tore is headed to the bay area >> right now is in west sacramento teaming up with the stuff the bus campaign. mark s. allen is lending a helping hand >> i don't know if you can tell but the bus is pointed toward san francisco because it will be there tomorrow. we're the no. 1 watch network in the world and do you want to know where the profits go?
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>> we do >> into the bus, into giving you free stuff >> along the way you will meet stars from the cbs shows. alex from the amazing race. your like the modern age santa claus giving away free stuff >> 60 cities in 60 days. >> will you show me your place? >> c'mon to bad, 45 ft.. >> name some of the stars that have come through >> they're so many ways we're trying to touch the audience. on the website people can see a lot of the content we are producing. we do interviews with all the stars and try to get behind the scenes and we pushed that content online. here is a good look at where we have been and where we are going. we started off in boston mass.
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and we have hightailed it to northern california. we encourage everyone to come out. i hope ironounced this right, tomorrow we will be at embarcadero. we encourage people to come on down, we have plenty of giveaways and people who cannot come down, what network does this for free? anyone who cannot make it down, go here and download a bunch of shows. all kinds of great stuff, >> comeback here, i will hang out with the big bang theory cast all set to be interviewed right here. >> a lot of the creators of the show have been back here. >> do they sleep on the bus?
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>> that is a good question >> that's the number one question we get. a couple of times we have had all miters. >> it will be making its way to the bay area so i hope you were taking notes >> it should be fun, check it out and get some free stuff. >> we're having troubles with mass-transit this morning. let's go live to one of our mobile five units. so far, not too bad, if you have to take the freeways this morning traffic is looking pretty good. at the bay bridge we see slight delays but no metering lights
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which is good news. not too bad as you work your way into san francisco. the j line is blocked for muni from san jose to ocean. it is switching inbound to outbound at glen park station. the northbound train is running about 13 minutes behind schedule but the rest of mass transit is right on time. >> we have cooler temperatures on the way the next few days with low clouds and fog stretching on shore. hour and half delays sfo for arriving flights. clouds will hang out a little bit longer which will help cool down the temperature is just a bit. temperatures right around seasonal. the cooling trend is likely to continue as we head to route the middle of the week. breezy conditions into the afternoon but not bad weather.
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it looks like some pretty normal weather for the bay area this time of year. low clouds and fog trying to break up a little bit but the surge of fog will move back on shore overnight tonight and probably a little bit thicker into tomorrow morning. 76 and sunshine, should be mostly sunny and san mateo this afternoon. numbers in the upper 80s so it will be on the warm side as you make your way inside the bay. preconditions and temperatures in the '60s and '70s. 80 degrees in santa rosa. the next couple of days we will cool down the temperatures and bottom things out right around thursday but then high pressure starts to build in. >> the latest expedition trying to find amelia earhart has come
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back without success but the group returning from the $2 million search still thinks that she and her navigator crashed off of a remote island in the pacific 75 years ago this month. crews use technology to search the ocean floor. they have found nothing obvious but have a lot of data to study. amelia earhart was honored with roman google doodle. it marked one it would of been her 115th birthday >> is 17 year-old girl from florida is winner of the google science fair. teams competed to see who had the most innovative projects including a water purification system and the video game helped to design to help kids learn more in class. the grand prize winner is 17 year-old britney winner, hello, i don't know she is related. she created a cloud computer
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program that could provide a cheaper and less invasive method to detect malignant breast tumors. good for her! >> is 622 >> we have news about cisco this morning >> in new round,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> people at cisco will have to start looking for new jobs. the san jose company plans on lane off 1300 employees. last year it let go 6500 workers as part of a massive restructuring plan. >> transportation security administration is moving to shorten security winds at airports.
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soon flight attendants will get the same expedited screenings as pilots. they will still face random searches. the tsa says it could take up to 12 months to fully implement the change >> the giants hosting the padres, cabrera catches the ball and takes a tumble but is pushed back by the fans. in nice grab but it's all good as the giants beat the padres. >> apple is going further with the iphone >> big changes to the popular gadget, coming up >> it possible death penalty case in the movie theater massacre. the clues investigators hope to find at the crime scene. >> a young couple dies in an apartment fire. apartment fire. what we're learn
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>> good morning everyone. tuesday july 24th. >> a young couple died this morning in a fire at an apartment complex in the east bay. 60 people waiting for the red cross. >> that fire started about three hours ago in martinez. >> we have to investigators in the unit where the fire started
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and we know that red cross has been on the scene helping people displaced. they're looking for a place to stay as the investigation into the fire begins. here are the basics of what happened. fire crews say they got a call at around 330 this morning and they believe the fire has been burning for at least a half-hour and it took them at least 30 minutes to completely knock it down. they say there was extensive damage done to units. they found that a young couple had died in the unit where the fire started along with a pet cat. . >> crews found one unit heavily involved in fire with fire spreading to a second unit. upon completing the search we located two fatalities >> i saw the glow of the fire
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and flames were coming out the window and there was a lot of smoke. it was a really scary awakening. >> we're learning now that the smoke detector in the couple's apartment was not working according to fire crews. this is why there was a long amount of time before they were able to get here. other neighbors on the scene say they were awoken by their own smoke alarms but beyond a couple smoke detector was not working. the coroner's office has been notified that they're still not on the scene. there is extensive damage to the apartment and fire crews say it will set them back in continuing the investigation. >> will try to get another question for her at the end of the show.
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firefighters have been very busy this morning in oakland cleaning up after a vacant house fired. fire crews received reports of smoke just after 2:00 this morning. the home's owner in neighbors say they reported past incidents of squatters at that house. the damage is estimated at about $150,000. president barack obama waking up again in the bay area after a series of fund-raisers. >> good morning mr. president. at the home of real estate investor wayne jordan and last night at the fox theater in oakland. this is the president's 17th visit to california during the current election cycle. the only event that was open to the media was of the rally at the fox theater.
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our cbs five cameras were rolling when protesters ripped down a sign and send it on fire. they also burned an american flag. extra oakland police officers were on duty during the presidential visit. their overtime pay will come from the police budget. >> today mitt romney will address the veterans of foreign wars in southern california. after you wrapped up in california romney will be leaving on a trip to the u.k. israel and poland. a survey finds more than three- quarters of american voters are frustrated by the ongoing political battle. three-quarters say the town has
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got even more negative this year and nearly two-thirds say the negative ads harm the political process. >> both the president and mr. romney got some pretty good weather as they were hanging out in the bay area. >> they have already made a flyby at telegraph hill. we are looking at some low clouds and fog stretching further on shore. we have delays at sfo of around one and a half hours. we're starting out fairly mild in the fifties right now but temperatures will be heating up. mostly sunny by the afternoon with '70s and '80s into the south bay. in the east bay the temperatures are running into the 80s and it '60s and '70s in the bay. let's look at the roadways and >> is getting busy out there and
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we will go live to the bay bridge toll plaza where the meter lights have been turned on. we're dealing with mass transit delays this morning. delays on the j church line due to a non muni accident. buses are serving plan park to balboa. the number 13 train is running just, make that northbound train 103 running 13 minutes behind schedule. an accident reported near 680 so we're seeing slight delays as you work your way through they're looking at about 29 minutes to westbound 580. not too bad headed out of marin county. traffic looks good into san francisco with no delays to report. your peninsula drive * look
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like this, all green so far. we will get a look at the san mateo bridge in just a few minutes. >> new this morning, warner brothers says it will make a substantial donation to fund to support charities helping victims of the shooting tragedy in colorado >> first-degree murder which is a class one felony >> james holmes appeared in court yesterday for a preliminary hearing. he is now being held in solitary confinement accused of shooting dozens of people, and killing 12. >> if the death penalty is sought, that is a very long process that impacts their lives for years so they will want to have and we will want to get their input before we make any kind of decision >> investigators for james holmes defense team are scheduled to go back to the
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shooting scene in a couple of hours. he is expected to be formally charged next monday. legal experts say most likely he will have a mental health evaluation to see if he is fit to stand trial. he attended elementary school in california in castro bill. this was his class photo. former friends say he would always compete to be the best student but basically got along with everybody at that point in his life. we will continue to follow this story closely and to confine the latest developments on our website. >> the colorado movie massacre has prompted jitters among other moviegoers. reman accused of making threats during the movie have been arrested in separate incidents. in 52 world man is accused of making threats when the movie started sunday afternoon. witnesses say he shouted about
6:38 am
colorado and asked if anyone had a gun. police found no weapons at his home. we would like to know if you have any reservations about going to the movies. you can share your thoughts on facebook or twitter or e-mail us. in major police standoff that had officers surrounding an east oakland house has now ended overnight. after 3:00 yesterday afternoon to suspects barricaded themselves inside a home on 24th ave. investigators believe the suspects are connected to the shooting of a chp patrol car. two other suspects have already been arrested in that shooting. we could hear from the san francisco district attorney today concerning allegations that mayor ed lee committed perjury during testimony before the ethics commission. he has been accused of lying about talking with supervisors
6:39 am
about the ross mirkarimi case. >> just three more days until finally, the opening ceremonies for the olympic games in london. >> new security measures for the summer games >> a major change that even die- hard apple fans will probably not like. >> the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. early numbers are down in a mixed bag this morning. we will,,,,,,
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>> fresh from hawaii, mr.
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lawrence karnow >> hello! a great time in the violence but the weather is looking good in the bay area. we're seeing some pretty good delays on arrival at sfo of an hour and a half. around the bay this morning the fog and low clouds have extended further on shore so it looks like we will see sunshine in near seasonal temperatures but a cooling trend is under way and that will continue through the better part of a week. the trough will camp out over the next few days and then it will head east. temperatures will be very nice, about 80 degrees with sunshine in san jose. 60s out towards the coast. as you get inside the they will find more of a sea breeze this afternoon and cooler temperatures. the next couple of days, temperatures will continue to drop off and then high pressure
6:44 am
builds in an temperatures warm up nicely into the weekend. >> it is starting to get busy on the roadways. one of the hot spots is the bay bridge. traffic is backed up not quite to the maze but slow and go. traffic looks good, no major delays, 15 minutes to go between a word and foster city. we see a bit of a back up, two separate accidents, the first one reported near 680 westbound 580. it is possibly blocking lanes involving a motorcycle that may have overturned. the other accident is in the clearing changes of but off to the right you will see some slight spectator slowing. the j church line is delayed,
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they are doing bus shuttles at the glen park station as a result. cal train is dealing with the latest, still a few minutes behind schedule. bart has been right on time with no delays. a quick look at the south bay, no problems to report. >> may not want to go out and buy an iphone accessory. there are reports that apple is changing the connector to the iphone 5 and this could likely be a pretty big deal for all of us >> if you have the iphone you have the famous white connector we all know. this is what it is compared to other devices in this has been there connector for the last 10 years. it has 30 pens which means it can do various kinds of
6:46 am
transfers and charging and all of the things you know. but the rumor is that the new apple iphone coming out in october will have a much smaller connector with 19 little wires inside >> there is a reason for this, not just because it makes us go by it >> because apple wants to reclaim the design space with a smaller wire. it lets them use space for more battery, up more processor space to make it go faster so there is a good design reason but the downside means you might need to buy a lot of new accessories. how many chargers you have? >> 3 or 4 >> if this is the case, those will not work anymore or they will require an adapter. a speaker doc might cost a couple of hundred dollars and now that might be incompatible.
6:47 am
what about connecting to your car? do you buy a new car? it will be a huge market for new excess trees. a lot of things will be, either difficult or incompatible to use your new iphone with on your old connections. >> ipad is still ok? >> that will almost certainly go to the new connector but that is down the road into next year. don't buy any new accessories for your iphone if you are about to buy the new iphone. >> you can find brian's segments on the web site. >> that is so annoying unless you make accessories. another round of layoffs coming to a silicon valley giant. here is jason brooks, good morning >> cisco seems to be in a permanent state of restructuring announcing they're laying off
6:48 am
another 1300 workers, about 2% of its global work force. last year they laid off 6500 workers. they have been citing tougher economic conditions around the world and particularly europe where firms are not spending as much money on hardware systems. wall street is not very happy about this. usually when a company cuts costs we see the stock go up but cisco shares are down 4.5%. villa where specializes in taking a single computer and turning it into a much more powerful system with the power of about 20 computers. it is a fairly new company, investors are nervous about the price tag and shares are down by about 1%. wall street has been mired in a
6:49 am
two day slump, a lot of that because of european debt. apple reports its earnings after the closing bell looking for a profit of around $9.8 billion. the dow is dropping 42 points, a lot of that because of cisco. nasdaq falling four points. s&p is down two points. >> it's time for a look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning >> >> it's nice to be with you guys, just ahead we will be talking with the n.c.a.a. president who will talk about the unprecedented sanctions and the ripple effect he is hoping it will have. also, in the interview with prince albert and princess
6:50 am
charlene of monaco. life's one year after their fairy tale wedding which at that time there was a rumor about the relationships. >> the inside scoop. >> those are some good interviews. . >> cbs this morning starts at 7:00 right after our program is over. sally ride, the first american woman in space, has died. in 1983 she soared into orbit aboard space shuttle challenger. she went to space two times in spent the last 11 years of her life motivating young girls and boys to reach for the stars. she died yesterday after battling pancreatic cancer at 61 years old. this morning, british leaders
6:51 am
approve the deployment of 1200 additional troops to bolster security for the olympic games which means there are now more than 18,000 military personnel overseas. organizers have had to scramble after a private contractor failed to supply adequate staffing. the opening ceremonies are friday night. >> a look at the top stories is next including the investigation into a deadly apartment fire. >> how a faulty device delayed the response of firecrackers when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> a young couple is dead after
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a fire in martina's this morning >> 16 people are displaced after getting help from the red cross. kate is on the scene with the latest update. >> we're also learning now that there were no working smoke detectors in that young couple's apartment and the coroner's office has been on the scene for 20 minutes. the red cross is helping people have been displaced. we have video of a fire earlier, investigators are in tune with a fire started. crews say they got the call around 330 in the morning. they believe the fire had been burning for at least 30 minutes before they arrived. the fire caused extensive damage which will set back their investigation. we're told that a building inspector will be on the scene to determine which apartments people can go back inside. we're learning that this unit had about 14 apartments in it.
6:56 am
two of them extensively damaged and the remaining 12 suffered at least some smoke or water damage. >> we saw victims wrapped in blankets, were they being helped by the red cross? >> that is exactly right. they're trying to help them find different places to stay. >> today, attorneys for james holmes will be searching the movie theater in colorado where he is accused of shooting 70 people. they're looking for evidence that could help his defense. he appeared in court for the first time yesterday. the district attorney says she may seek the death penalty. she plans to consult with the families of victims. at least three men accused of making threats during the new movie have been arrested in separate incidents. today we would like to know if you have reservations about
6:57 am
going to the movies now. sherrie says we have to go on living our lives, we can't live in fear. you can continue to share your thoughts with us on facebook or twitter or e-mail us. >> you can expect more traffic from downtown san francisco to sfo this morning, the president is spending a night in the city near fifth and howard streets. he attended three fund raisers in the east bay yesterday taking in a couple of million dollars. if you're catching a flight, you can wave at the president although i'm sure he will have a lot of cars around him >> no problem with outgoing flights. it is the incoming flights that are delayed of an hour and half because of low clouds that have moved on shore. temperature's mainly in the fifties. still warm in winter, getting
6:58 am
to the upper 80s. 65 in san francisco. patchy fog on the coastline. temperatures cooling-off through the middle of the week and then we will start to heat back up. >> the bay bridge is backed up with metering lights slow but the good news, cuny is back on time. everything back on schedule. bart has been on time all morning and ace is looking good as well. we have an accident was down 580 but injuries are reported and you might see merged seekers. >> a roseville woman could become a world record holder in a matter of a few minutes. >> she has been writing at the state fair since 5:00 yesterday morning. she is raising money for the
6:59 am
uc-davis to children's hospital. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, july 24, 2012. welcome to studio 57 at the cbs broadcast center. i'm charlie rose. gayle king is off today. accused killer james holmes is back in isolation this morning after a strange day in court that raised more questions about the tragedy in aurora. also this morning, treasury secretary timothy geithner tells us why he feels tax cuts for the rich must expire at the end of the year. i'm erica hill. mark emmert is here to explain the crippling penalties against penn state. plus, the prince and princess of monaco reveal married life in the playground of the rich and


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